Turn Scrap Metal & Appliances Into Cash

At Toledo Metal Recycling, we buy and recycle scrap metal and old appliances to help keep our streets clean and our environment safe. Whether you have empty cans, leftover metal from the garage, an old washing machine, or more, we are here to serve our community. We invite you to give us a call or stop by our scrap yard today to turn your metal into money.

We can handle just about any type of metal that can be recycled, including (but not limited to) the the following items and materials:

Ferrous Scrap Metal

  • Appliances
  • Clean Auto Cast
  • Heavy Breakable Cast
  • Heavy Melting Steel
  • Plate and Structural
  • Sheet Metal
  • Motor blocks
  • Whole Vehicles

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

  • Aluminum
    • Cans
    • Cast
    • Clip
    • Sheet
    • Siding
    • Wheels (clean)
  • Batteries (Auto)
  • Brass
  • Brass Radiators
  • Compressors
  • Copper #1 & #2
  • Electric Motors
  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Lead
  • Radiators
  • Sealed Units
  • Stainless Steel
  • Transmissions
  • And many more metals!

We strive to meet all of your scrap metal recycling needs in a safe and efficient manner while offering the highest quality customer service and pricing every day of every month. So look around your house, garage, workshop, or yard for any unwanted scrap metal or appliances. We’ll recycle it, and you’ll get paid for it!